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Brevard Christian Home Educators, Inc. is a resource for Christian home schoolers in Brevard County.

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children."
-Isaiah 54:13

BCHE, CHA, Central Brevard Christian Co-op.... Which ones am I part of???

Now, to address the confusion that surrounds BCHE, Inc. (Brevard Christian Home Educators, Inc.), CHA (Christian Heritage Academy), and the Central Brevard Christian Co-op.

BCHE's existence and purpose are explained in its handbook: "We are in association for encouragement and mutual edification of those who recognize the scriptural imperative and constitutional right to so educate their children. We place a strong emphasis on spiritual maturity and training along with the other educational disciplines. Our common goal is to see our children excel in every area of growth: spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially." Membership in BCHE qualifies you to have access to year-end Stanford Testing, Graduation, and other activities (field trips, support group meetings, etc.).

Your membership grants you the opportunity to enroll your student in Christian Heritage Academy. There are additional tuition fees and documentation requirements. This is a non-traditional private school accredited by the National Private Schools Education Alliance since 1996. CHA's stated mission is: "provide record-keeping, provide information on requirements and resources, provide library resources, in order to assist parents in providing a Christian education, and do this in a spirit of excellence that glorifies the Lord."

The Central Brevard Christian Co-op is a structured tutoring organization that has no formal ties with BCHE. Much of the leadership and membership of BCHE participates in the Co-op, and the web-based information for the Co-op can be accessed through the BCHE website. Membership in BCHE does not automatically allow a family to participate in Co-op, nor is the reverse true. The BCHE Board has granted permission to the Co-op to share its website, realizing that in doing so, it would be mutually beneficial to both organizations. Information about the Central Brevard Christian Co-op can be accessed by using the "Co-op" tab on the BCHE homepage.

Registration for High School Students

Appointments are now being scheduled for CHA high schoolers. All high school students must schedule a registration appointment with the CHA administrator prior to starting the new school year. Please call the CHA office number at 321-454-2445 to schedule your appointment for registration.

Certified Teacher / Evaluators

Are you looking for a certified teacher/evaluator to review your child's end of the year portfolios? Please check our resources tab. We have added a list of BCHE members who are certified teachers, and are qualified to assist you with portfolio evaluations.

Monthly Support Group Meeting & Field Trips

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